Stay Home. Save Lives.
As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes clear, our congregation has made bold decisions to slow the spread of the virus.  With love (not fear) leading our hearts, we will cancel in-person worship indefinitely and move to video streaming and phone-in worship opportunities for our community.
Join our "Coffee Hour" by staying on our Worship Zoom Call after worship ends and the recording stops.  Talk to friends and make plans to talk in "break out groups."
Our Family Sunday School is now gathering on Saturdays at 11:30am on Zoom.  Contact Pastor Ben to learn how to join us.
Please read on to learn how you can continue to participate in community and support one another.
By limiting contact, we intend to model efforts that respect and nurture our commitment to the common good and show care for our neighbors.  We’re following the guidance of public health practitioners, who tell us that practicing “social distancing” will make a difference in our communities. This practice will help “flatten the curve” of infections and so help prevent a spike in cases that might otherwise overwhelm our health care system and those who staff it in the next few weeks.  The CDC has guidelines that you can read to help keep yourself and your family safe. 
Worship Connection
Our worship service has moved to Zoom Conference Call so that everyone can participate in worship from home. The building is now closed. You can participate in worship by calling into our Zoom Video Conference Call Line or watching on our facebook page.
Support and Volunteer
If you are in a high risk category for infection, it is important for you to avoid crowded spaces like public transportation and high traffic stores to reduce risk of infection.  If you are not in a high risk category, then this pandemic creates an opportunity to serve your neighbors (with proper precautions).  Click on this link ( to share your needs or ways you can volunteer to support others in the MPPC community.
We hope you will continue sharing your gifts with the congregation during this challenging time as you are able.  You can give online through our website using a credit/debit card or paypal account. You can also ask for instructions on how to make an Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank to the church account, or you can bring checks into church once in-person worship restarts.
House Meeting Groups
House Meeting leaders will be reaching out to all participants soon to organize a Zoom conference call for your final meeting.
Committee Meetings
Committees will continue to meet using our new Zoom Video Conference Call account.  If your committee or team is planning to meet, please schedule the meeting with Pastor Ben so this option will be available before the meeting.
Cancelled Events
While our worship is still planned to occur, there are other events that have been cancelled as of today:
Look for updates soon about Memorial Day Parade and other gatherings this spring.
May the Peace of Christ shine a light on your journey this day.
Pastor Ben