Sundays for Children

Our congregation works hard to create an inclusive and supportive environment for children on Sundays through Sunday School and Worship.

Sunday School

9:30am in Church Courtyard

This intergenerational class provides opportunities to explore our faith tradition through bible stories, music, and art.

While children are still vulnerable to COVID19, we will continue this class outdoors as much as possible.  Children and adults will wear masks.  The program is designed for children age 2 and up with room for parents and adults as well! We start with a Bible-based curriculum that teaches God’s love for us. Old and New Testament stories and lessons will help students become familiar with the Bible, form their own faith and apply Christian values in their lives. We will nurture spiritual and physical growth in our children through a loving, safe, fun and inclusive learning environment. During our hour of Sunday school the curriculum lesson with be presented along with games, music, and crafts or projects that enhance the lesson. We will also encourage some age appropriate memorization of Bible verses and prayers. 

Children’s Choir

Rehearsal after Worship

Jamie Wasowski is the director of our children’s choir for children ages 5-13!  Older teens are invited to join as mentors. The choir will gather after worship for a 20 minute rehearsal.  Children will learn music skills including how to sing a variety of Christian songs. The choir will sing in worship once a month - developing a Youth Sunday Service.  Contact the church to join us! 

Children in Worship

10:30am in Sanctuary

Our worship service is designed to include the needs of children as part of the worshiping community.  We begin the service with energetic worship music to provide opportunities to praise God together. We have an interactive "passing of the peace" where children can get to know others in the community. The pastor invites the children to participate in a children's sermon that empowers our youth to bring their own questions and wisdom into the worship space.  And we provide meditative coloring and other art projects to provide an outlet for energy that keeps families together during worship.


We also have a nursery in the education wing run by Janese Thomas.  Children five and under have the option of staying under her care and receiving age appropriate activities that support what was learned in Sunday School.