Daily Examine Small Group

I invite you to join me in a weekly gathering - Thursdays at 9:00am (in April and May) on Zoom - to discuss where we hear God's voice in our lives.  To inform this discussion, we will be practicing the "examine" prayer practice - which is part of Ignatian Spirituality.  
Join Examine Group Zoom 
Email Pastor Ben to receive the call in information.
Learn more and find audio guides to begin this practice with me: https://www.ignatianspirituality.com/ignatian-prayer/the-examen/
This is a version of the five-step Daily Examen that St. Ignatius practiced:
Become aware of God’s presence.
Review the day with gratitude.
Pay attention to your emotions.
Choose one feature of the day and pray from it.
Look toward tomorrow.


Children's Sunday School
Children's Sunday School continues during COVID-19 on Saturday mornings at 11:30am.   Contact the church today to include your child in this empowering ministry.  Learn more.