Pastor’s Greetings

AbbiBenSelfieIt is an honor to serve the loving congregation of Morgan Park Presbyterian Church!  This church has been faithfully ministering to the Morgan Park community for over 125 years, and I continue in that legacy to provide radical hospitality, abundant love and challenging interpretation of our life of faith as Christians.  I am committed to racial justice in and outside the church and hope to work toward that goal in loving and honest relationships. I have a background in youth and young adult ministry and work as a hospital chaplain in the Chicago Area.

We are the church, united by the Holy Spirit as one diverse Christian community.  God loves and accepts us in spite of our brokenness and empowers us to accept ourselves and love others. Out of gratitude for God’s grace, we seek to embody Jesus Christ through the call of the Holy Spirit to establish the reconciling kingdom of God on Earth by standing in solidarity with the poor, oppressed and marginalized; eradicating all systems of domination with our economic, social and spiritual relationship practices; and living in harmony with nature to celebrate all life.

Join us to be part of a loving community. Join us to be nurtured in your journey of faith. Join us by bringing your full self. Join us as we discern how to live out God’s call in our time. Please call or email to connect with me further!

Pastor Ben Heimach-Snipes